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New Year, New You!

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Did you know that 45% of Americans each year set a goal for the New Year to lose weight or get in shape? Out of all of those resolutions, 80% fail.

What are some things we can do to reach our goals and still enjoy this year to the fullest?

Instead of focusing on losing weight this year, focus on making healthier choices in your everyday life with the intention of nurturing your body, enjoying, and exploring healthy foods and activities you love.


Here are a few tips to think about as we begin 2020 together:


Instead of restricting certain foods this year, try to include more foods in your diet! Make a goal to try a new fruit or vegetable at least once a month, or make a new recipe. Striving to include a variety of healthy foods in our diet will make us less likely to eat large amounts of those not so healthy foods. Eating new foods also keeps meals fun and exciting. When we allow ourselves to eat what we want in moderation, we are less likely to binge on certain foods later.

2) Enjoy Physical Activity

Find a form of physical activity YOU love. Many of us feel required to go to the gym in order to feel like we are getting exercise. There are plenty of other activities we can do daily in order to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Take a walk with your significant other or a friend, play with your children or grandchildren outside, attend a yoga class, or just make the conscious effort to stand up every hour and take the stairs if your body allows you to.

3) Be Realistic With Your Goals

When setting goals, remember to start small. When we accomplish a goal, it makes us more motivated to continue these habits, accomplish, and set more goals. It may be unrealistic to set a goal to lose 50 pounds this year or go to the gym every day for an hour right away.  Start with a smaller goal such as eating more fruits and vegetables with meals, or taking a walk after dinner a few nights a week with your significant other. Once you reach these goals, you can always strive for more.

If we fuel our bodies with healthy food choices and moderate activity, our bodies will find a happy medium at the weight we are meant to be. Focus on enjoying nutritious food this year and doing activities with the people you love. In addition, remember you are never too old to try new foods.


For additional information and inspiration, please join us on Friday January 17th at 2:30 for our monthly Wellness Spotlight presented by Cura Wellness Dietitian, Valerie Suhr.

Written by Lifespark

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