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Live Soulfully for National Skilled Nursing Care Week

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What makes you happy? How are you contributing to your happiness and the happiness of others? Every day, we strive to assist our residents in living their happiest and best lives. That is why Providence Place is excited that the theme of this year’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW) is “Live Soulfully.” Through a variety of activities based on the dimensions of wellness, we help individuals find happiness to improve quality of life. This year’s theme celebrates our residents and staff by showcasing how we achieve happy minds and healthy souls.

Come learn about our amazing residents and the work we do this NSNCW  as we host week of special events and celebrate how we “Live Soulfully.”  On Monday May 13th, we will celebrate Mother’s Day with a tea party for all of the women at Providence Place.  We will indulge in some soul food on Tuesday May 14th from a celebrated local restaurant, Mama Sheila’s Soul Food Buffet. Our annual bingo-a-thon will be held on Wednesday May 15th with big prizes for the winners! Join us for our quarter sale on Thursday May 16th with lots of treasures available to purchase for just 25 cents each! All of the proceeds will benefit the Resident Council Trust. We are also excited to host an art show on Thursday from a group of talented local high school students.  We will wrap up our celebrations with a performance by Providence Place’s bell choir and ice cream sundaes for all on Friday May 17th. To learn more, please contact Director of Community Life, Brett Collins at [email protected]

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