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Celebrating Active Aging Week

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Created by the International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) in 2003, Active Aging Week takes place each year at the beginning of autumn. Providence Place will be celebrating Active Aging Week with special events of Thursday October 3, 2019. These activities will encompass all areas of health and well being—physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. We hope to encourage our residents and their families to experience new wellness activities in an enjoyable and supportive environment, and to create healthy habits. Special events include:

  • Expressive Arts at 9:30 on 2N
  • Prayer Stations at 10:30 on 3S
  • Live Longer and Stronger! at 1:30 on 3S
  • Smoothie Sailing to Whole Health at 2:30 on 3N

For more information, please contact Community Life staff at 612-238-2538.


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